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Hard Water Stains: All You Need To Know
Everyone knows about the adverse effects of hard water stains on pipes and appliances. Hard water leads to rusting, pipe clogging, soap buildup, and much more. Meanwhile, its appearance on windows and glass doors is often overlooked.
Unless you do professional window cleaning twice a year, your windows may acquire hard water stains. These stains are much tougher to deal with than the regular dirt you remove from your windows.
What Do Hard Water Stains Look Like?
If you notice that your glass has become dull (cloudy spots, patches of white), the reason may be hard water. Getting windows to sparkle again will be tough.
Hard water stains don’t just appear on glass shower doors or bathroom windows. They can occur in commercial buildings as well, especially on glass doors that may come into contact with sprinkler water. Stains can also appear when chemicals leak from the roof during a rainstorm.
You may not notice hard water stains immediately. However, the dangerous residue of natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and lime starts doing its job before becoming noticeable. That’s why it’s important to do window cleaning on a regular basis.
Why Are Hard Water Stains Dangerous?
Hard water stains don’t just look bad. When minerals are sitting on the glass for a long time, they can corrode it. Glass may appear smooth. However, it’s a highly porous material. If calcium, lime, and magnesium settle inside the pores, it may be impossible to remove them.
With time, minerals could damage the glass to a point when it would become impossible to clean. The hazy and cloudy appearance will be there to stay. When this happens, the only way out is to replace the glass.
Can You Prevent Hard Water Stains?
You can try to prevent hard water from contacting the glass by installing water softeners and moving the sprinklers. However, there is hardly anything you can do with the rain and minerals in the air.
The only way to prevent hard water stains from damaging your glass is to remove them timely.


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